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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Send me your ideas

The main ideas of this blog is a sharing site, I will post other peoples ideas or pictures.  I'm sure we all have cute ideas that were a big sucess with our scouts.  We always need help with meetings, outings, journey ideas, badge ideas and other fun things with scouts.  If I can get more people involved, I think this will be a great blog...

Make your own photo booth

I think making your own photo booth is a great idea and I want to try it this year.

1. Gather fun props-Silly glasses, hats, balloons, necklaces

2. Have the girls make a fun background or put up a plain sheet.

3. Use a digital camera to take pictures or use an instant camera

4. If using digital print out pictures to take or have them available for the next meeting.

I think this sounds like so much fun.  I wonder if there is a way to print out strips like a really photo booth. Does anyone know if there is a website that can print out photo strips?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Explore wetlands or a marsh

Find new areas to explore.  How about wetland or a marsh?  Make a list of questions to talk about when you are there.

1. Are there plants in the marsh?
2. What grows here?
3. Can people eat the plants in the wetland or marsh?
4. Which animals live here?
5. Is it safe for the animals?
6. Is there a lake, creek or swale nearby?
7. What is the difference between a lake,creek and a swale?
8. Are there any old nests around?
9. Are the animal camouflaged?
10.  What do you know about a food chain?
11.  What kind of food chain do you think takes place in the wetland or marsh?

While you are exploring take some photos, bring note paper.  You might want to jot down some questions that need to researched a little more. 

At the next meeting look at the pictures and discuss what your finding were.  Follow up with any research that someone might have done on their own.  

I might be the poster queen. We are always making some type of poster. You don't have to use the expensive poster boards. We use regular inexpensive copy paper or the backs of paper that have already been use. Posters let the girls get creative and get them talking. I always perfer to have them work together or in groups.
Fun poster about the Trumpet

Monday, July 29, 2013


In Daisys we always sing the same song...

Make new friends but keep the old
one is silver and the other is gold
A circle is round and has no end
and that is how long I'll be your friend.

Does anyone know any good songs for older girls to sing at their meetings?


Picking fair groups.

 I don't like when girls pick their own partners or groups.  They usually end up running up to each other and then start jumping up and down.  The girls in the troop that don't have any of their best friends there are usually standing there looking sad.  So, whenever we do group I always draw random names so different girls work together.  This way no ones feelings get hurt.  Who knows they might even find a new best friend.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Bridging Ceremony

For our daisy bridging ceremony we kept it very simple, we had a small bridge in the backyard.  The girls crossed the bridge and got their certificates and trefoil pin.  The girls played  in the backyard and we had brownies for dessert.  The girls a had fun.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Make the girl scout promise fun to learn....

Every girl can make a poster with their line on it.  During the opening ceremony have them get in order and lift up their poster and say their line. Every meeeting should be the same after awhile everyone will remember the girl scout promise.  I'm sure the girls will still like to use their posters.
If you have a smaller or larger troop adjust according to the size.  Big troops can have teams or partners, smaller troops, the girls can make more than one poster...


Post the Girl Scout Law at the meeting and remind the girls what it is..

I will do my best to be
honest and fair
friendly and helpful
considerate and caring
courageous and strong, and
responsible for what I say and do
and to
respect myself and others
respect authority
use resources wisely
make the world a better place and
be a sister to every girl scout

I think this should be part of the opening ceremony.  It reminds them of what it is go be a girl scout at meeting, school and home. 

Friday, July 26, 2013


Our meetings are twice a month.  They start in September and end in May.  It seems to work out this way but by the end of the year we always start canceling them because everyone gets too busy.  I think we should stop in April this year and just end with a party...
Did anyone see the article that showed Camp Low Country in South Carolina being auctioned off?  One of our favorite parts of Girl Scouts is the campouts.  Just wondering if anyone else feels the same way
Camp Palos

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Our friendship circle...


After the opening ceremony the leader will talk about any updates from the previous meetings, what we are doing that day, future meetings and events. Usually this gets the girls talking because they are excited about what we are doing.
Consistency-Start every meeting the same way....

         1. Friendship Circle
          2. Girl Scout Promise
           3. The Girl Scout Law
            4. Song
             5. The Friendship Squeeze

The girls love the opening ceremony, their favorite part is the squeeze at the end.  We stand or sit in a circle with arms crossed holding each others hands.  Pick one person to start, the scout squeezes the persons hand next to her. Then that person squeezes their neighbors hand and we continue until it makes it around the circle. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Make new friends but keep the old....
Summer project for making Troop 61114 the best troop ever