Monday, July 7, 2014

Spa Party Take Home Gift

This was our giveaway for our spa party.  Everything was brought from the Dollar Store.  We printed names with our slice cutter and then we taped over them with packing tape so the names wouldn't get wet.  Inside we put in flip flops, a back sponge with a scrunchy tied around the handle. Also inside was a back massage thingy, wash cloth, head band and little bowl for manicures.We used a lot of the items for the spa party. The prize back was less than ten dollars and it looked so cute!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Nail Polish Game

If you have a lot of nail polishes, this is a fun game to play.  Sit the girls in a circle and then line up your nail polishes. Take the 1st bottle and put in in the middle and lay in on its side.  Each girl will spin the nail polish bottle and if  lands on them, they will paint one finger on their hand.  Put the polish at the back of the line and pick the next bottle Keep spinning the bottles until all girls have finished their nails.  They will all look cute with crazy nails.  This game took along time to play but they sure had fun!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Balloon Flip Flops

For a fun cheap craft we made these balloon flip flops.  The flip flops were from the dollar store and I bought about 100 balloons per scout.  The craft is so easy, all they have to do is tie the balloons around the tops of the flip flops. I recommend checking if any of your scouts have an allergy to latex.  One ours did and we didn't know it until her face started to have red blotches on it.  The girls had fun making the project and they looked so cute when they were done!