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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Explore wetlands or a marsh

Find new areas to explore.  How about wetland or a marsh?  Make a list of questions to talk about when you are there.

1. Are there plants in the marsh?
2. What grows here?
3. Can people eat the plants in the wetland or marsh?
4. Which animals live here?
5. Is it safe for the animals?
6. Is there a lake, creek or swale nearby?
7. What is the difference between a lake,creek and a swale?
8. Are there any old nests around?
9. Are the animal camouflaged?
10.  What do you know about a food chain?
11.  What kind of food chain do you think takes place in the wetland or marsh?

While you are exploring take some photos, bring note paper.  You might want to jot down some questions that need to researched a little more. 

At the next meeting look at the pictures and discuss what your finding were.  Follow up with any research that someone might have done on their own.