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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Girl Scout Cookie Rally at the Chicago Wolves Game

We attended the Chicago Wolves hockey game and rally last night.  The snow storm made it very difficult to get there but we made it.  There were thousands of other girl scouts in attendance.  Before the game there were activities for the girls. Speakers were on hand to encourage the girls to sell their cookies.  They gave an award to a scout that sold 3,000 boxes of cookies last year.  That is a pretty amazing feat.  During the game there were girls scouts everywhere in the stand waving green pom-poms.  The hockey players even came on the jumbo screens and were eating girl scout cookies.  What a great way to get excited about cookie time.  The wolves won the game 2-1, a great way to end the night.  Check out a rally night in your area, it is really fun!