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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Journey Amaze Overnighter

Well we survived our Journey overnighter.  The turnout was great, there were about thirty girls and ten moms. Our troop was the first to arrive and claim our spots in a very large room. The girls ate dinner and hung our for about an hour before they started working.  They all introduced themselves and got into small groups.  They talked about stereotypes and came up with really cute skits to show that they understood was stereotypes were.  More fun activities from the journey book were completed.  At the end of the night the girls had about an hour to come up with a plan to complete their journey.  The plan was a service project they wanted to do and how to implement it.  Our girls completed three different plans, so at our next meeting we can get started. This really was a nice change of pace for our girls and a fun way to start a journey. Our troop completed the Amaze journey and one other as juniors,it was a lot of work.  I would suggest to anyone doing a journey the second time around to attend a class offered your council.  It was fun!!