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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Surprise, We Are Going Bowling!!

This year we wanted to do something different, so we planned a surprise party for the girls.  When all the girls arrived they were all ready for our regular meeting.  The leader told them to gather all their things because we were leaving.  The girls looked totally confused, she told them we were going bowling. "What? We are going bowling now?" one of the girls asked.  She told them "Yes, right now!"  Then they all started jumping up and down.  We got a great deal on the bowling from Double Take Offers.  It included 3 games of bowling, pizza, pop and shoes for four girls for $18.00.  The girls bowled only two games because we stopped to have pizza and awards.  The bowling alley was nice enough to give us coupons for one game that we can use next year.  All the girls got bowling pins that were painted green with a gold bow.  We brought sharpies so they could all exchange autographs. This was a great way to end the year!