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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mother Daughter Luau

     Every year our association has a mother daughter dance.  Its usually held around Mothers Day.  This year is was held a little earlier.  Everyone looks forward to this yearly event.  The theme this year was a Hawaiian luau. All troops from seniors to daisies attend and are so excited to be there.  When you enter there is a table with name tags and your table number.  All troops are seated together, if the mothers have girls in multiple troops then they are seated with the troop of their choice. Some years the girls are given a raffle ticket for something special that will be raffled off during the evening.
     The mother daughter dance is held a the same venue every year.  A professional photographer is there and photos are available for purchase.  Pricing is very reasonable $12.00 for a 5x7 in a acrylic frame and two wallets sizes.  The backgrounds and props are coordinated with the theme of the dance. Every troop must donate at least one raffle basket with the theme or their choice.  Money is raised to keep the costs of the dance low.  Every year the food options are different.  This year family style entrees were served.  Some of them were not too kid friendly but the mothers enjoyed it.  
     The evening starts out with dinner and desert. During dinner volunteer awards are given. Troops that have accomplished the bronze, silver or gold awards are acknowledged.   Afterwards, the music gets everyone dancing.  Our DJ knows the most up to date music. There is always the Hokey Pokey, Casper Slide, Chicken Dance and Cotton Eyed Joe.  Everyone knows  the dance is not complete without the limbo, hula hoop contest and my favorite the mother daughter slow dance.  This year we were all lucky enough to be serenaded  by the girls with their favorite song " Let it go".  The dance is my favorite part of the year.  We are all blessed to have these beautiful daughters and spend some special time with them.