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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Duct Tape Balance Beam

    This summer was a creative one, my daughter and her friends picked up the duct tape again after having it sit around all winter.  When they go to each other homes, it looks like they are moving out. They take all their crafting supplies with them.  The big question is always what to make. They have made pens, bracelets, bows, and purses.  I try and give them a few ideas but I love it when their imaginations start flowing.  Here is a good example of a project she did yesterday.
      We started with a large roll of wrapping paper and took the remaining paper off the roll and used the cardboard.  What should we do with it? First we thought in would be funny to make a cane for Dad's birthday but then it would just get broken.  So then the moment came when we decided to make a balance beam for my daughter's American Girl Doll. 
      She came up with the rest by using one wrapping paper roll, two toilet paper  rolls and two empty duct tape rolls.  She wrapped everything with duct tape and put it together.  It turned out so cute and know I know it will be used with her dolls.