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Friday, August 23, 2013

Halloween-Fairness Activity

We are always trying to be fair in our troop.  Sometimes it's not easy with girls that want all the same things.  They always want to be called on 1st when we are asking question.  They want to be in groups with their best friends.  Sometimes, it helps build character when they don't get everything they want.  We don't want the girls to be upset or not like girls scouts but it is all a learning experience.
This activity we came up at our Halloween party.  We put all the candy the girls brought with in the center and then they got to pick what they wanted.  We picked one girl and just went around the circle.  Each girl got to pick 10 pieces of candy and we continued around the circle until all the candy was gone.
When the activity was done, all the girls were happy with their candy bags!